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Jan 19—0 Tolling, Boston
Jan 19—400 Tolling, Boston
Jan 17—240 Cambridge Surprise Minor, Ringing Room (UK and USA)
Jan 16—1260 Plain Bob Minor, Ringing Room
Jan 16—1320 Grandsire Doubles, Ringing Room
Jan 16—1344 London Surprise Major, Ringing Room

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Jan 02—The Biden inauguration team is asking churches all around the nation to ring their bells to commemorate the more than 343,000 US pandemic deaths due to Covid-19. The More...

Jan 02—Join us on Saturday, January 16, 2021, between 2pm and 6pm EST for the second More...

Nov 24—Online GatheRing for ringing, chatting, maybe a talk or a game More...

Nov 08—2021 NAGCR Officers More...

Nov 08—The Fall Clapper issue which includes the 2020 AGM minutes and report is now available on the website.


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