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Quebec City May Week-End May 25–28. Full details to be posted later...
Apr 19—1260 Stedman Triples, Washington
Apr 16—1260 Plain Bob Triples, Marietta
Apr 15—1260 Stedman Triples, New York
Apr 14—1260 Plain Bob Triples, Houston
Apr 14—1260 Plain Bob Triples, Houston
Apr 13—1260 Plain Bob Doubles, Dallas

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Mar 11—Someone has already asked to take possesson of these. More...

Mar 08—The Central Council meeting weekend is following a NEW format, themed on inclusion and outreach. As well as the annual meeting itself, there is a wide variety of seminars, sessions More...

Feb 09—American Ringing Tour Video Kemp Brinson
Feb 07—The Stedman Spinner Frederick DuPuy

Dec 28—Stedman Workshop, St James Marietta:
DEADLINE EXTENDED! Registration open until January 26
The weekend will feature tutoring, practice, and theory focused on Stedman 5 and 7. We hope to arrange

Dec 16—Join us for ringing 1/20 during our Smith interterm. We are recruiting new ringers and gearing up for our spring term. Contact me or me@lelandpaul.com if interested More...


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