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Oct 14—1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor, Cambridge
Oct 14—1260 Plain Bob Minor, Washington
Oct 13—1299 Stedman Caters, Washington
Oct 9—1260 Grandsire Triples, Houston

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Oct 04—2020 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

Ringing World Diary 2020 More...

Oct 02—In accordance with the by-laws, all current officers of the NAGCR have been re-elected as there were no other nominations received by the deadline. Additionally, Chris Haller is More...

Oct 02—I recently learned of the death of Robert (Bob) Mead. Sadly, he passed away in May, but it was after the AGM when I found out. Bob along with Barbara More...

Oct 01—The Accidental Ringer Eileen J Butler

Sep 26—20th Anniversary Celebration for St Mark's, Philadelphia More...

Sep 14—Response to 'NAG Peals Database' Edward J Futcher


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