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The Clapper Archives: 2010–2014

Obituary - Kathryn Elaine Tucker

Carroll Lentz

Minutes and Report of the 2014 AGM in Washington

Part 4 Place Notations

2014 Ringing Road Show

Pittsburgh Course and ITTS Course

Peals and Quarter Peals

Area Reports


2015 Calendar

. . . and much more

In this Issue:

Obituary - Lynn Jackson

250 Peals at The Advent

Washington National Cathedral 50th Anniversary

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Officer Nominations

Officer Reports

. . . and much more

Obituaries: Thomas Arkell

Captain E. G. (Jeff) White

Officers' Reports

More on Place Notations

Ring Around Charleston

Vernal Equinox Weekend

Peals and Quarters

many Area Reports

. . . and much more

Obituaries: Barbara Knight

Marion Ainsworth

Eddie Martin

Officers' Reports

Place Notations - more explained

Out and About in the UK

Peals and Quarters

and much more

The Paul Engsberg Room - Dedication
Obituaries: Ron Warford
Dick Waterman
Report on the 2013 Central Council meeting
If its Memorial Day, It Must be Quebec

and much much more

Obituary - S. Harrison "Harry" Carter Jr.

How to Organize and Ringing Course

Out and About in the UK

7 Towers Festival

Peals and Quarter Peals

Executive Reports

and much more

Pewaukee Tower News

Obituary - Erret Van Hook

The Butler Tour of Buckinghamshire

Communication in the Ringing Room

Clapper Bushings - what every Steeple Keeper should know


Quarter Peals

40th Anniversary AGM at Smith College

Obituary - Mark Rizzo

Peals and Quarters

Tower Reports

Executive Committee Interim Reports

Tribute for Richard Graves

Ringing for a school credit

Hand and Back

7 Towers Festival Report

NEW CONTENT: Out and About

Peals and quarters

April, 2012 ("Spring") Vol. 39, No, 2

Ring Around Charleston

Learning Grandsire from the ringing circles

Peals and Quarters

Young ringers program at Marietta

A WOW tour

Visiting ringers in the South East




  • 2011 Toronto AGM (Cover Article)
  • Comments, corrections invited for 2010 Annual Report
  • Minutes of 2011 NAGCR AGM
  • Update on Washington National Cathedral
  • Announcement for appointment of Newsletter Editor
  • Area reports
  • Report on Ringing Courses -- Sue DeVuyst
  • WRS ringer travels 'round the world in 27 towers - Lian von Wantoch
  • Book review -- Wooten Surprise
  • Actions of the Executive Committee
  • Interim Reports from Officers and WebTeam for 2011
  • Peal Secretary update
  • Membership update
  • Peals & Quarter Peals
  • Ring Around Charleston announcement
  • Philly QP Weekend announcement
  • Upcoming events
  • Book Service offerings
  • Membership application

  • 2011 Southern Cross Ringing Festival -- Honoring Marie Cross (Cover Article)
  • Update on registration for Toronto AGM, Sept 23 -- see website claendar entry for form
  • Victoria celebrates 75 years of ringing
  • Area reports
  • Report on the 2011 meeting of the Central Council
  • Remembering Paul Engsberg
  • Kalamazoo Hand Bell Weekend, March 2011
  • North American SRCY meet in Pittsburgh, April 2011
  • New ringing room doors at Orleans highlight Northeast area meeting in June
  • Butler I-20 tour - "Parte Uno"
  • Mobel - a review
  • Butlers' 25th overseas tour - Channel Islands
  • Actions of the Executive Committee
  • Officers' Reports
  • Regarding nominations of Guild officers for 2012 term
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • A FIRST: Teaching the Teachers (Cover Article)
  • Developing TtT - the back story
  • Registration for NAGCR AGM -- Toronto in September -- see website calendar entry for form
  • First Peal Rung in Asia
  • Philly Vernal Equinox weekend
  • "Ringing World" Centenary celebration
  • Regarding nominations of Guild officers
  • Officers' Reports
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • "Ringing in the Clouds" (Cover Article)
  • Philly Quarter Peal Weekend
  • Bell ringing in Shakespeare
  • Officers Reports
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Little Rock AGM (Cover Article)
  • Seven Named to Honor Roll
  • Butlers' Australian Ringing Tour
  • AGM Minutes
  • Officers Interim Reports
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Well Struck? (Cover Article)
  • AGM 2010 Information
  • Butlers' Ringing Tour
  • A First for Orleans
  • 30th Anniversary of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
  • Officers Columns
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Full Circle (Shreveport)
  • Stedman, Revisited
  • Philly Weekend
  • Officers Columns
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Studying Stedman
  • 2010 Butler Tour (Cornwall)
  • Officers Columns
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals
  • 10th Anniversary of St. Marks' (Philadelphia)