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Brewster-Kent Area Meeting

The Brewster-Kent ringers will host a fall area meeting in Kent on September 28, 2019 starting at 12pm and running until 5pm. We will provide a light, early lunch starting approximately 11:30 and snacks & drinks through the afternoon. Please RSVP by Sept 1 to Matthew Austin (

Posted Jul 10, 2019 by Tom Farthing

Young Ringer Award

Young Ringer Award

Posted Jul 08, 2019 by Tom Farthing

Central Council Annual Meeting

Below please find the registration for the Central Council's Annual Meeting for 2019. If you are interested in going, please contact myself or Beverly Faber who is on the organizing committee for additional information. Bruce

Posted Jul 04, 2019 by Bruce N Butler


Register now for the Tornto 12 bell weekend. Registration form available on the calendar site.

Posted Jun 11, 2019 by Madeleine Cheesman

2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report has been posted on the website. It is found under Resources and Links --> Member Services --> Guild Documents --> Annual Reports and then scroll down to the end!

Posted May 31, 2019 by Bruce N Butler

Boston AGM Registration Form is LIVE

The registration form for the 2019 AGM in Boston (21-25 Aug) is now up. We would like each ringer to fill it out individually, but non-ringing +1s can be included on a ringer's form.

Posted May 31, 2019 by Austin Paul

2019 Pittsburgh ringing course

A ringing course will be held at Southminster Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, on 2–4 August 2019.

Posted May 15, 2019 by Don Morrison

Toronto 12 Bell Weekend

The registration for the Toronto 12 Bell Weekend is now available. Please go to the Calendar site and click on the Toronto 12 Bell Weekend listing for June. The registration form is a writeable PDF which can easily be completed and forwarded to our Tower Secretary, Pauline Smith.

Posted May 11, 2019 by Madeleine Cheesman

Ringing at Vernet-les-Bains on Palm Sunday 2019

by Susan Jensen via Quilla Roth

Our correspondent in France reports on the first service ringing at the new tower in Vernet-les-Bains.

Posted May 02, 2019

T Jefferson Smith

Jeff Smith died yesterday, 20 April, at home in Kalamazoo, of a heart attack, aged 88. Their son Andrew is with Carol now, and I presume Megan will be there shortly, as soon as a flight from California can be arranged.

Posted Apr 22, 2019 by Don Morrison
UPDATE: A memorial service for Jeff will be held at Stetson Chapel at Kalamazoo College on...
Posted Apr 22, 2019 by Don Morrison

Ringing for Notre Dame – call to action

Althought it is Holy Week this request has come from the Central Council.

Posted Apr 17, 2019 by Bruce N Butler

Rochester Tower Open Day, Saturday, June 15

Please see calendar listing for information and registration form for Rochester's Tower Open Day, Saturday, June 15!

Posted Apr 09, 2019 by Bruce N Butler

Fun with Bells podcasts

Cathy Booth has been interviewing bellringers for her Fun with Bells podcasts. She has just interviewed Bruce Butler. Listen to Bruce as he talks about ringing tours, ringing in America, ringing around beds and flower arrangements and much more.

Posted Apr 09, 2019 by Eileen Butler

Response to 'NAG Peals Database'

by Edward J Futcher
A new update to this will be published in April addressing all of the errors in the original version, and the Q1 peals.
Posted Mar 23, 2019

2019 AGM Information

Check out our website:, where we will continue to post updates as we know them. Stay tuned!

Posted Feb 22, 2019 by Austin Paul

Steeple Keeper's Diary 1: Now with added Epilogue!

by Josh Burson

STEEPLEKEEPER’S DIARY: What you do when the clapper falls out of one of your bells. Originally published in the Winter 2019 issue of The Clapper; this version also includes an account of how we fixed it. (Yes, we fixed it!)

Posted Feb 20, 2019