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Nov 11—5056 Plain Bob Major, Boston
Nov 11—0 Rounds and Call Changes, Little Rock
Nov 11—21 Rounds, Mott

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Oct 19—The Trinity Shield Striking competition will be live-streamed from the Washington Ringing Society's Youtube Page beginning at approximately 2pm on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. Our page *may* also stream More...

Oct 15—Ringing World Diary 2019 More...

Oct 12—ANOTHER SAVE THE DATE !!!! 12 Bell Weekend More...

Sep 23—August Yale update: bell tower built, but no order announced yet. If I hear more pre-AGM, I'll let Bruce know. Jeremy Bates

Sep 19—Collection of Ringing Worlds

Don Trumpler has his set of Ringing Worlds that dates back to 1971. It is free to anyone who would like to have them for their More...


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