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AGM Aug 21–25.
Jul 14—1260 Stedman Triples, Washington
Jul 14—1440 Bourne Surprise Royal, Pittsburgh
Jul 14—1344 South Dakota Delight Major, Pittsburgh
Jul 13—1344 North Dakota Delight Major, Pittsburgh
Jul 13—1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor, Washington
Jul 13—1296 Stedman Caters, Pittsburgh
Jul 13—1280 Norwich Surprise Royal, Pittsburgh
Jul 12—1312 Braintree Delight Major, Pittsburgh
Jul 12—1344 Superlative Surprise Major, Pittsburgh

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Jul 10—The Brewster-Kent ringers will host a fall area meeting in Kent on September 28, 2019 starting at 12pm and running until 5pm. We will provide a light, early More...

Jul 08—Young Ringer Award More...

Jul 04—Below please find the registration for the Central Council's Annual Meeting for 2019. If you are interested in going, please contact myself or Beverly Faber who is on the organizing More...

Jun 11—Register now for the Tornto 12 bell weekend. Registration form available on the calendar site.

May 31—The 2018 Annual Report has been posted on the website. It is found under Resources and Links --> Member Services --> Guild Documents --> Annual Reports and then scroll down More...

May 31—The registration form for the 2019 AGM in Boston (21-25 Aug) is now up. We would like each ringer to fill it out individually, but non-ringing +1s can More...


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