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Performance Reports

Week of June 29, 2020

This week, 1 peal and 2 quarters in 3 different methods were reported from 3 locations.

Locations: Cambridge, Little Gransden, Ringing Room.

Methods: Minimus (4m), Spliced Surprise Major (6m), Minor (3m).

A new report goes up every Wednesday containing performances through the previous Sunday. To get your performances up as soon as possible, please post them on BellBoard by Wednesday night.

North American Guild
Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire (Nutbells)
On Saturday, 4 July 2020 (8 in C)
(480 Oxford TB, 240 each Reverse Bob and Plain Bob, 312 Double Bob.)
1-2Sheila J George
3-4Phillip S George (C)
Wishing our North American ringing friends Nancy Perry and Chrtistine Yannarell Tankersley a happy July 4th.
Last revised on 4 July 2020

Ringing Room, USA
On Saturday, 4 July 2020
(32 each: Glasgow, Newcastle, Willesden, Malpas, Sonning, Newlyn. 5 com.)
1Kira R Chase (NYC) (C)
2Kira R Chase (NYC) (C)
3Cally D Perry (Foxborough, MA)
4Cally D Perry (Foxborough, MA)
5Beth Sinclair (Washington DC)
6Timothy J Barnes (Chatham, New Jersey)
7Elaine M Hansen (Foxborough, MA)
8Elaine M Hansen (Foxborough, MA)
Rung as the last part to finish an atw QP after a band member had to leave early.
(1) Did not start in rounds; started at lead head: 18765432. Finished in rounds.
(2) Simulated sound.
(3) Keyboard presses.
(4) Lots of swearing. (Mainly by those ringing two bells.)
Last revised on 5 July 2020

North American Guild (Not yet verified by the Peal Secretary)
Cambridge, MA, USA (Rindge Field)
On Sunday, 5 July 2020 in 2h 5 (14 in D)
(Seven extents: 3 of Plain Bob, 2 of Kent Treble Bob, 2 of Oxford Treble Bob. The first two extents were a 1440 of Plain Bob Minor composed by Roger Bailey.)
1-2Leland Paul Kusmer
3-4Edward J Futcher
5-6Bryn Marie Reinstadler (C)
First peal as conductor.
Last revised on 6 July 2020