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Public Relations Materials

The clearer and more focused an organization's message is, the more effective will be its interface with its members and the general public. As much as possible, please try to focus your PR activities for change ringing in a way that is consistent with the NAGCR's PR message:

Ringing Challenges - - Ringing Thrills!

Keep in mind that the purpose for publicity is to let the wider public know about change ringing and to show it in a favorable light so that we attract recruits, funds, and other sorts of support for our art. We want to focus on the challenging, multi-faceted, multi-generational, world-wide attractions of change-ringing and to show ringers enjoying themselves and working (ringing!) together with satisfaction and pleasure.

Organization: The materials available here come from many sources and address various PR purposes. We've tried to organize them logically, but depending on your needs, it may be worth while to search through several categories to find something that works well for you.

Format: Some of the materials are in a modifiable format so that you can revise them to suit to your particular situation, while others are non-modifiable formats and are provided simply a models or inspiration for materials you would develop on your own.

Adding on: We hope to add to these materials as time allows and that you will contribute your own new products as you develop (or discover) them, either by uploading them directly or sending them to the Tom Farthing, public relations officer.

Other Sources: The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers also has a Public Relations Committe that has produced some useful materials. In particular, their slide show about bells and ringing is available to all in several formats.