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25th Anniversary Peal

Kalamazoo College Stetson Chapel Bells Ring in Celebration

by Kit Almy & Dianne Cermak

On Sunday, 31 May, a band in Kalamazoo rang a peal of Double Norwich Court Bob Major to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the bells, which originally occurred on 2 June 1984. 
Five members of the band were graduates of the college.

In advance of the event, the college put an article on its web site. In addition, the Kalamazoo Gazette ran a front page story in the preceeding Saturday\'s paper and posted articles and photographs on its web site. This generated considerable local interest, so that about 20-30 people came to watch and listen. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Jeff Smith, who was responsible for launching the Kalamazoo College Guild of Change Ringers in 1977 and was on hand for the ringing, addressed the crowd.

The band would like to associate Linda C Woodford with this peal, and
 to thank T Jefferson Smith for his many years of devotion to ringing 
at Kalamazoo College.

Posted Aug 28, 2009


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