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Frederick, Maryland Area Meeting

September 8, 2012

by Carleton J MacDonald

The annual Frederick Area Meeting took place on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at Calvary United Methodist Church. Sixteen ringers from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York , Frederick and Washington attended at various times during the day. Everyone at all levels got plenty of chances to ring and it was good to see old friends again. The second Saturday in September is also the date of Frederick's annual "In the Street" festival which blocks off many downtown streets with food, crafts and music stalls, which made getting to and parking at the church a bit of a challenge for those of us who forgot about the festival!

At lunch everyone headed to restaurants in Frederick; most going to the Brewer's Alley restaurant for their food and excellent beer made on the premises. When we were done eating and tried to leave the bar area was packed; we learned why soon enough when we got outside and found that the humid and sultry day had been replaced by the "Behind the Falls" tour at Niagara minus the raincoats. The skies had opened up, the booths were abandoned, and everyone on the street who couldn't get inside somewhere was pressed against a walls of a building hoping to find a few square millimeters of dryness. We had no choice but to make our way back to Calvary, recognizing that you can only get so wet, and after that it doesn't matter. But once we started ringing again everyone dried off - except for those who had to leave early for other obligations, such as a wedding ringing engagement at the Washington National Cathedral, who got wet all over again upon leaving the church.

Thanks to Bruce and Eileen Butler for running the event, to Alice Zalatoris (whose home tower is Frederick) for hosting us, and to all the others who came and made the outing fun and successful: Ross Finbow, Bill Kollar, Eileen Latham, Roy Latham, Carleton MacDonald, Sue O'Neill, Quilla Roth, Abby Timmel, Paul Timmel, Don Trumpler, Elisabeth Trumpler, Mark Gosden and Nick Wells. Apologies for anyone that was overlooked.

Posted Sep 24, 2012


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