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Ross's two tower ringing/peal tour

by Linda Rankin

A short tour organized by Ross Finbow started Friday 28th Sept. Ringers from Pittsburgh, Minneapolis-St Paul, James Island SC, and New York City assembled at St. James Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX. Half the group arrived for the planned 6pm meeting time. The other half took the "scenic" route to St James; apparently the navigator was asleep on the job!

Once all had arrived, the band took part in a practice session in which some of the local St James ringers got some valuble practice hunting on six through rocky St. Clements, Double Oxford, and touches of Plain Bob and Original minor. At 8pm we decamped for Shreveport, where our excellent Shreveport hosts were expecting our late arrival.

Bright and early the next morning we joined the Shreveport band for a practice on tied bells at St Mark's Cathedral. We concentrated mainly on plain hunting on various numbers until 11am. The Shreveport band is currently playing with a software tool that analyzes striking. Included for your viewing pleasure is one of the more amusing screens put out by this software.

At 11 am we took a break and got ready for a peal attempt at Cassiobury Surprise Major. Ted Clark from Birmingham AL joined us for the attempt. There were several people in the band who were ringing the method for the first time, so the ringing was a bit rough at times. Shreveport ringers who were listening to the peal told us later that they were praying for us. Their prayers were answered! The peal came 'round in 2hr55.

After a lunch break the Shreveport ringers joined us for a practice session on open bells. This time we concentrated on Plain Bob Doubles, with most of the Shreveport ringers cycling through the 3 bell.

In the evening we all met with the Shreveport ringers at the Fletcher's for great evening of good food and good fellowship.

Sunday morning six of the band headed back to St James in Dallas for a peal attempt. Ted stayed in Shreveport to ring for Sunday service at the Cathedral, and Noah and Roy headed for Texarkana to join the band at First Presbyterian Church for service ringing.

In Dallas, the band joined the St James ringers for Sunday service ringing, took a short break, then settled into what was a fairly smooth peal of 7 methods minor, which came 'round in 2h27. After the peal finished, half the band had to run for the airport. The other half was joined by Jan Eppinette for beer, food, and conversation at the Cock and Bull Pub, one of the Dallas band's local haunts.

We would like to thank the Shreveport and Dallas ringers for their wonderful hospitality, Edwin Higginbotham for his photo of the Shreveport peal band, and Jan Eppinette for her photos of the Dallas peal band.

Peal Details:

North American Guild
Shreveport, Louisiana
St. Mark's EpiscopalCathedral
Saturday 29 September 2012 in 2h55
5184 Cassiobury S. Major
Composed Donald F. Morrison
1. Michael F. Schulte (C)
2. Kristine K. Fowler
3. Michael R. Harrison
4. Linda D. Rankin
5. Ted Clark
6. Noah I. Smith
7. Donald F. Morrison
8. Ross J. Finbow
First blows in the method: 2,3,4,5,6, and as conductor
First peal of the bells for the North American Guild
First peal in the method for the North American Guild

North American Guild
Dallas, Texas
St James Episcopal Church
5040 Minor
7m: 720 each Double Oxford Bob, Norwich Surprise, Oxford Treble Bob,
St. Clement's College Bob, Cambridge Surprise, Kent Treble Bob, Plain Bob
1. Donald F. Morrison (C)
2. Linda D. Rankin
3. Michael R. Harrison
4. Kristine K. Fowler
5. Michael F. Shulte
6. Ross J. Finbow
50th peal: 3

Posted Oct 03, 2012


Duncan J LargeOct 03 2012, 9:37 am


Candace HigginbothamOct 03 2012, 2:18 pm

Well done! It was a grand weekend.

Lyn BarnettOct 05 2012, 4:37 am

Good ringing work and good report of it. Congratulations to ringers and thanks for sharing the news so timely!

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