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They came from near and far, to ring at our tower*

by Susan O'Neill

Take it from me, never raise your hand to ask a question at a ringing meeting; it will be (mis)taken as a sign of enthusiasm for the task at hand, namely to write a report on the Mid-Atlantic Area meeting at Washington DC on Saturday October 13th. So here goes.

The day was beautiful, sunny sky and low 60s, and yet we still managed to get a respectable turnout for the meeting at the Washington Cathedral. Ringing started at 11am and went until 4pm, with a break for lunch. All levels of ringing were catered for; we rang Grandsire Caters, Cambridge Minor, Plain Hunt on 9, London Surprise Major to name just a few of the methods tackled. Lunch, as usual, was wonderful. Maxaroni and Boeuf Bourginonne were the main courses, followed by an array of desserts, including not one, but two, Chocolate Cream Pies. I had asked people to send me their comments about the meeting, to be included in this article, but everyone was obviously so pleased with the entire afternoon they could find nothing to say!

Thanks to WRS for providing such a wonderful lunch, and to the entrepid Philadelphia ringers who joined us for the day, Bruce, Eileen and Brian. I hope more of you will be encouraged to join us for future meetings; the view from the tower to the Blue Ridge Mountains can be spectacular, lunch is always 'formidable' and the ringing is not bad either. See you next time.

* 'tower' to rhyme with 'far' (poetic licence)

Posted Oct 20, 2012


Lyn BarnettOct 21 2012, 12:39 pm

Many thanks, Susan, for your almost-real-time report on the recent MidAtl area meeting! Enjoyed knowing more about the day's methods, the actual times of the ringing, and the lunch arrangements as well. Wish more such ringing "meetings" were similarly reported -- seems it can only encourage others of us to try to attend. No doubt some of us don't even know how welcome are out-of-area visitors!

Susan O'NeillOct 22 2012, 12:10 am

Thanks, Lynn!

Edward W MartinOct 25 2012, 7:57 am

* 'tower' to rhyme with 'far' (poetic licence)

We English are possibly notorious for not pronouncing R but that would be very nose-in-the-air (posh) English methinks. I've heard it around Ascot but surely not heard as far North as Nottingham m' duck!

Eddie M

Susan O'NeillOct 29 2012, 5:46 pm

Well, Eddie, m'duck, you obviously haven't been to the right parts of Nottnum!

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