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Brewster/Kent Area meeting focuses on Plain Major

by Paul Windels III

How can one improve on a perfect fall weekend in the midst of beautiful deciduous woodlands? Perhaps by gathering about twenty good friends together for a day of eight-bell ringing with a focus on Plain and Little Bob, St. Clement’s, and Double Norwich. That idea worked out very well at our Brewster/Kent area meeting last Saturday, Oct. 26.

Visitors from Boston (Geoff Davies, Laura Dickerson, and Arthur Lewbel), Philadelphia (Don and Elisabeth Trumpler), Rochester (Sue De Vuyst), and New York City (Tony Furnivall, Lynn Kodrich, Duncan Large, Jenny Mackley, and Martha Partridge) joined forces with our regular band members (Matt Bogen, Chris Colon, Elaine, Mark, and Emma Gosden, Jenny Hinsman, Tom Holcombe, Bill Roll, David Westmoreland, and Paul, Mary Catherine, and Paul Windels). Jenny H. and Bill performed Herculean labors preparing the tower and dining room for visitors and bringing food (special kudos to Jenny’s ginger-cake!), especially given that their opportunity to ring was curtailed by other commitments and their children’s schedules. Our deep thanks to you both, and a friendly note from your Ringing Master that you are very much entitled – if not owed – plenty of rope time!

Ringing-wise, we carried out our program. Thanks to thoughtful advice on the overall program from Trinity friends Tim Barnes, Mike Harrison, and John Hitchings, we started with an achievable, but distinctive, plan. Publishing notice of our program on the NAG website and directly notifying the Trinity, Boston, and Philadelphia ringers translated into people coming well prepared. Everyone who attempted a method managed to ring at least one successful course of that method. Those attempting a new method always had someone experienced to stand with them. By the end of the morning, we had introduced a number of friends to the pleasure of ringing Double Norwich and at least some of the unique music it gives when well-struck. Rounds with our Junior Band – assisted by some of our distinguished guests -- completed the morning, but hardly gave it an anticlimax. As our children build appreciation for the willing help they have received from outstanding ringers from all over, they will, we hope, some day in turn pass it on to yet another generation.

The afternoon at Kent proved just as pleasant. Tom Holcombe welcomed a quorum of eight adults, who took full advantage of as much rope time as they wanted. We managed a touch of Grandsire Triples plus Cambridge, Plain Bob, Little Bob, and St. Clement’s Minor before adjourning.

Our thanks to everyone who came. We welcome comments and suggestions and look forward to seeing many of our friends at our upcoming 40th anniversary next January.

Posted Oct 28, 2013


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