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Washington, DC October 12 - 13

by Andrew Mitchell

Over Columbus Day weekend 8 of our band from Orleans, MA had a wonderful visit to our nation's capital. Our drive was a harrowing 12hrs of traffic up and down the East Coast to Washington DC. But the troublesome travel was more than rewarded.

The area meeting, which three ringers from Philadelphia and one from New York also attended, along with several locals, began Saturday with lunch in the tower of the National Cathedral, overlooking the city. This included sandwiches, a tasty homemade casserole, chocolate cake, and generally quite an impressive spread for which weary travelers are grateful. For some of us, the sheer size of the tower was inspiring, holding both Carillon bells and Change Ringing bells. All from our band came away with exciting new perspectives from the ringing session. The afternoon was very nearly non-stop learning - in part due to a condensed window of time as the morning session at the Old Post Office had been cancelled due to government shutdown as the bells are on government property. So, we will have to come back again! Many who stayed home in Orleans had charged us to resolve the government shutdown during our stay. Unfortunately, I don't think we can take any credit. Although, perhaps, some politician heard our ringing à la Dick Whittington and changed their minds.

Sunday we headed north to Frederick Maryland. Plain course of Plain Bob was the focus and great progress was made by all. We're very grateful for all the ringers in the DC area who taught and shared so much with us over the weekend. And many thanks to Quilla Roth who organised our stay and our ringing in Maryland.

Posted Nov 08, 2013


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