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Charleston Ringers Trek to Raleigh

Focus on Cambridge!

by Kit Matthew

In an effort to raise the skill set of both Charleston and Raleigh area ringers in Cambridge Major, this was our second convening to combine forces.

John Mabe, John Gray, and Margo Acomb of the Raleigh band rang with David Porter, Rosalie Crouch, Steve Collins, and Kit Matthew from Charleston, joined by Jeni Francois from Charlotte. We warmed up with touches of Cambridge Minor and got some good foundational practice in Major. John Willson provided interpretation for inquiring locals (and tourists in town for the Rock and Roll Marathon) who were walking past the Christ Church tower.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful supper at John and Walker Mabe's home. George and Harriet Williams, who have been instrumental in sheparding ringing along in Charleston over the years, joined us for supper. This was a real treat to see them as they recently relocated to Durham, North Carolina.

Posted Apr 14, 2014


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