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2nd Annual Illinois Tower Bell Bash

by Tom Farthing

We were please to host the 2nd Annual Illinois Tower Bell Bash in early June. Last year, the University of Chicago student ringers conceived the notion of holding a ringing event on campus to attract experienced ringers to our tower to see what might be possible, receive suggestions for improving, practice more advanced ringing and attract attention to the bells within the community. Those goals continued this year.

We were happy to welcome several visitors, including John Mulvey (Tamworth, England), Matt Nelson (Pittsburgh), and Michael Tartell (Philadelphia). Margaret Miller brought two student ringers, Marlisa Pennington and Michelle Sugimoto, from Kalamazoo. John stayed several days with Tom Farthing and gave him numerous hints for helping learners progress. Michael graduated from the University of Chicago last year and was a primary initiator of the 1st Illinois Tower Bell Bash. It was a pleasure to have him back.

It was great to have a chance to ring all 10 bells, a rare occurrence. We had a portable bell set up downstairs to attract attention and guides to encourage visitors to go up to see the bells (and have some free food). The ringing chamber was a little chaotic with all the activity, but the atmosphere was wonderful. We ended the day with tea and scones. On Sunday, Matt and John joined the local Riverside group to ring after service.

We look forward to the 3rd Annual Illinois Tower Bell Bash (the only student-oriented ringing event in North America) and hope you can join us.

Posted Jul 09, 2014


Madeleine CheesmanJul 16 2014, 7:43 pm

Congratulations on a successful event, and keeping ringing active in the Chicago area. Your hard work is being rewarded.

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